Humana Inc

Humana is an American health insurance company. The headquarters are located in Kentucky, Louisville.

History of development
The company was originally called Extendicare and provided a rapidly expanding private spa service. To increase their success, partners Wendell Cherry and David Johnson decided to develop into hospitals, selling the sanatorium chain in 1972 and renaming the company to Humana. Due to changes in legislation, it became difficult for the owners to develop a network of hospitals, and they switched to a related industry – health insurance.

Humana health insurance usually covers drug and alcohol rehab and other mental health treatments and serves more than 20 million customers in the United States. About 75% of turnover comes from contracts with the federal government. The most important states for the company are Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, California, Ohio, Illinois.

The main divisions of the company:
Retail – individual health insurance; insurance premiums make up the bulk of the division’s turnover and the company as a whole.

Group – collective health insurance for employees and military personnel (in 1996, the company signed a contract with the US Department of Defense).

Healthcare Services – Healthcare services, mainly pharmaceutical supply programs.

In addition, the company uses artificial intelligence and process automation in order to provide employees of the company – nurses, call center agents, and other professionals – with faster performance of their professional duties, and better medical care for customers.

Applied innovations
45 thousand employees are engaged in customer service of the company. The management of the company made the decision to use digital innovation to improve the level of service in general. Humana currently provides many types of services to customers, including reviewing claims, communicating benefits, submitting new or re-issued prescriptions, appealing health insurance decisions, and more.

Humana brings together the various machine learning and automation components that are already available into a single tool. With these modern technologies, employees instantly extract the information they need from a variety of sources. For example, insurance claims are integrated with many business functions and internal systems of the company, as a result, any employee who processes incoming requests independently copes with the task and does not redirect them to another department. The company is currently testing how well digital assistants extract information from the medical report and calls to the call center.

Client appeals are the hardest part of an insurance company. In order to solve such problems, cognitive digital assistants were introduced into internal systems to handle complaints and appeals. After this happened, the time for processing insurance claims accelerated, the functionality of the employees expanded.

Humana is also experimenting with sentiment analysis and natural speech processing, analyzing transcripts of calls, studying specific phrases, language models and customer sentiments, using both ready-made software products and their own systems for these purposes.

For example, Automation Anywhere is used to automate the work of personnel, and WorkFusion is used for intelligent software. The latter is necessary to automate tasks containing unstructured data (text from paper or electronic documents, e-mail messages, PDF) using natural speech processing.

To rapidly roll out processes and digital transformations, in 2018, Humana organized the Digital Health & Analytics team. It brought together scientists and specialists in development, design and analytics.

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