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Health Net initially operated as a non-profit organization. It was founded in 1977 and switched to commercial activities in 1992.
The company is headquartered in California, Health Net and has grown very quickly through mergers with other companies. As a result, it has become the fourth-largest insurance company in the country, offering coverage in 17 states. Today, all Health Net insurance programs offered by the company can be used for Americans across the country.

Individual plans are currently only available in states such as California, Oregon and Arizona. All other states are Medicaid and Medicare Veterans and Government funded.
Individual plans can be purchased for either one person or all employees of one organization.

An EnhancedCare PPO can also be purchased, which provides minimal coverage and ends with the Platinum 90 plan. Both of these plans are almost the same, however have some differences, which are determined by the applicant’s zip code and price, which includes additional costs for certain options, deductible fees and co-insurance:

• Minimum coverage plan. This plan is for 3 primary health care visits with a small network of local doctors, free of charge. In addition, a maximum annual deduction and customer payout of US $ 7,350 becomes available. This plan covers all the services the company provides.
The rest of the plans are sorted by the degree of price reduction.

The next Bronze plan will cost $ 1,050 less than the previous one, namely $ 6,300 with a maximum cash payment of $ 7,000. There is no deduction for the first 3 visits to primary health care and the client must pay $ 75 for these 3 visits; this additional fee will be charged after the deductible is fulfilled until the maximum cash amount is reached.

• The Silver plan will cost the client $ 2,500 per person. A doctor’s visit will cost $ 35 and a specialist visit costs $ 75.

• The Gold plan is non-deductible and requires a payment of $ 25 for primary care and $ 55 for specialist services.

• The Platinum plan works in much the same way as the Gold plan. The price goes even lower: the client pays $ 15 for primary health care and $ 30 for specialist services.

Such insurance presupposes the existence of an “insurance network” with doctors and specialists, a number of clinics and affordable treatment. All of the plans above are services such as emergency care, prescription drug coverage, outpatient surgery, and hospital treatment.

Another Health Net’s Covered California Plan is required to cover additional health care services and basic minimum benefits as regulated and established by law. The organization is among the insurance companies that receive subsidies for the Obama Care plans, also known as the Affordable Care Act. The main criteria for coverage is coverage of the 10 most basic benefits. These include preventive services, prescription drug coverage, maternity and newborn treatment, including dental care. This health plan also includes screening and treatment for vision and dental problems in people under the age of 19.

Families with income less than 400% of the federal poverty level are eligible for financial assistance (“subsidy”) that reduces their Covered California deductible. If the income of individuals falls below four hundred percent, additional discounts are issued that reduce the cost of medical services.

The company is focused on the client and makes sure that the insurances are available to all US citizens regardless of their financial situation, nationality and gender. Qualified health insurance can be purchased from agents, Medicare, Group Coverage, Human Resources, or directly from the Health Net insurer.

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